Community Health Nursing


Clinical Nurse Specialist, Nurse Educator, or Nurse Executive

Graduate preparation in Community Health Nursing at SAGE prepares baccalaureate prepared nurses for careers in varied advanced practice roles with responsibility for the design, delivery, management and evaluation of quality interventions across a continuum settings.  The Community Health Nursing Program prepares advanced practitioners for public health leadership, community health, education, and other advanced practice roles.  Graduates of the program are in leadership roles in county health departments, hospice, home care, nursing education, and community based health care settings. The positions include developing, implementing, and managing health promotion and prevention programs for populations across the life span and advanced practice roles such as case managers, educators, and administrators/executives in acute, chronic, ambulatory, home care settings.  In addition, they have careers that include working within professional organizations, state and county health departments, nursing education, research, and consultation.  The emphasis in this program focuses on the development of expertise in leadership roles related to populations of interest.

Community Health Nursing Program:   Epidemiology and courses in Community Health Nursing provide a theoretical base for developing expertise in advanced practice roles in public health, community health, and health promotion.  Graduate students, with faculty, plan clinical experiences to build on their expertise and further develop career goals.  Analysis of the literature and research related to current and evolving strategies in public health are integrated into a model for advanced practice.

Role Specialization: Clinical Nurse Specialist, Educator, Executive, Leadership in Public Health.
In addition to the Community Health nursing focus on the health care system, students also select an indirect care focus within one of the role specialization areas.  Public health/community health offers many cutting edge opportunities for nurses in all these advanced practice roles.  There is a nationwide shortage of nurse educators at this time.  The shortage is predicted to grow rapidly over the next five years.  Similarly the nursing shortage has increased the demand for advanced practice nurses and nursing leadership to bring their nursing expertise to health care, increase the quality of nursing care delivery, and establishing policy within the health care system.  As a clinical nurse specialist, students are eligible to sit for the ANCC credentialing exam if they elect to take 500 (total) clinical hours.

Through the selection of electives  (3 to 9 credits) students build a clinical and theoretical basis to support their own career development.  Courses within other clinical tracks such as Gerontology, Group Processes, Advanced Pathophysiology, Client Coping (chronic illness), and others are available.   Students also select courses from the Clinical Specialization, Nurse Educator, or Nurse Executive role courses and can complete the requirements for a Post-Master's Certificate.

Post-Master's Certificates are available in all role and clinical areas of the Master's Degree program. 

Community Health Nursing Program
(Clinical Specialist, or Educator = 42 Credits, Administrator/Executive = 39 Credits)

Courses for all clinical tracks: (15 Credits) --  * Course should be taken early in program.

*Nursing 558 - Paradigms and Perspectives of Advanced Practice Nursing
(3 crs. Theory - 37.5 hrs) Fall (F), Spring (S), & check course offering for Summer Session III (SS)

*Nursing 559 - Nursing in a Sociopolitical Environment (3 crs. Theory - 37.5 hrs)
F & S, & check course offering for SS III

Nursing 649 - Transforming Advanced Practice Roles (3 crs. Theory - 37.5 hrs) F & SS III, Pre-requisites: Nsg 558, 559, and 1 year RN experience (2,000 Hours).

Research Courses (6 Credits) -- Recommended pre-requisites - Nsg 558, Nsg 559 & a clinical course.

Nursing 508 - Nursing Research Methods (3 crs. Theory - 37.5 hrs) F & S,
Pre-requisites: Statistics, Nsg 558, Nsg 559

Nursing 611 - Research Seminar (3 crs.) F & S, Pre-requisite Nsg 508

Cognate Course

*Nursing 567 - Epidemiology and Health Research (3 crs. Theory - 37.5 hrs) F only.

Clinical Courses (6-9 Credits) – Pre/co-requisite: Nsg 558 or permission of instructor.

*Nursing 635 - Population Based Nursing Practice
(3 crs. = Theory - 2 crs. - 25 hrs; Clinical - 1 cr. - 40 hrs),  S only (odd years),
Pre/co-requisites: Nsg 567

Nursing 636 - Health, Healing and Self-Care
(3 crs. = Theory - 2.5 crs. - 31 hrs; Clinical - 1.5 crs. - 20 hrs) F & S,
Pre-requisites: Nsg 558, Nsg 559, (not required for Administrator/Executive).

Nursing 637 - Case Management (3 crs. = Theory - 1.5 crs. - 20 hrs; Clinical - 1.5 crs. - 60 hrs), S only (even years).

Choose One of the Following Sets of Functional Role Courses:

Clinical Nurse Specialist - Pre-requisites – Nsg 558,559,567,635,636,637,649 or permission of instructor.

Nursing 638 - Advanced Practice in Community Health Nursing
(3 crs. = Theory - 1 cr. - 12.5 hrs; Clinical - 2 crs. - 80 hrs or 200 hrs if taking the ANCC clinical specialist certification exam), F only,

Nursing 616 - Advanced Clinical Role Practicum
(3 crs. = Theory - 1 cr. - 12.5 hrs; Clinical - 2 crs. - 80 hrs or 200 hrs if taking ANCC clinical specialist certification exam), S only,

Electives (9 crs.): 6 credits Nursing, 3 credits may be in other field.

Administrator/Executive - Pre/co-requisites NSG 558 & 559 or permission of instructor.

**Nursing 652/PAD-HSA 558/HSA 565 - Clinical Delivery Systems:  Operations and Finance (3 crs. Theory - 37.5 hrs)

Nursing 653/638 - Practicum I Clinical Delivery Systems
(3 crs. = Theory - 1 cr. - 12.5 hrs; Practicum - 2 crs. - 80 hrs
or 200 hrs if taking the ANCC clinical specialist certification exam), F only.

Nursing 654/616 - Practicum II Clinical Delivery Systems
(3 crs. = Theory- 1 cr. - 12.5 hrs; Practicum - 2 crs. - 80 hrs
or 200 hrs if taking ANCC clinical specialist certification exam), S only,

Electives (6 crs.): 3 credits Nursing, 3 credits may be in other field.

**Sage’s PAD/HSA 558 or HSA 565 can be substituted for Nsg 652.  Need Computer skills (Excel background and ability to manipulate Excel in budgeting), and some beginning facility in accounting.

Educator Role - Pre/co-requisites -- Nsg 558 & 559, or permission of instructor

Nursing 662 – Nurse Educator Role I:  Facilitating Learning (3 crs. Theory - 37.5 hrs)
F only

Nursing 663 – Nurse Educator Role II: Transformational Leadership
(3 crs. Theory - 37.5 hrs) S only, Pre-requisite: Nsg 662

Nursing 605 - Nursing Educator Practicum
(3 crs. = Theory - 1.5 crs. - 19 hrs; Practicum - 1.5 crs. - 60 hrs), F only,
Pre/co-requisites: Nsg 662, 663

Electives (6 crs.) in Nursing, 3 credits may be in other field