Accelerated B.A./J.D. at Russell Sage College With Albany Law School and Suffolk University Law School

There are two accelerated, 3+3 law programs available at The Sage Colleges: Sage and Albany Law School in Albany, NY and Sage and Suffolk University Law School in Boston, MA have partnered to offer a 3+3 Accelerated Law School programs for entering first year students and rising sophomore students who meet certain requirements .

The 3+3 program allows students to save one year of college tuition by having them complete their senior year of college and their first year of law school simultaneously.   Selected students start at Albany or Suffolk University Law School after their junior year at Sage. They receive a Bachelor’s degree from Russell Sage at the end of their first year at law school. These accelerated programs have the advantage of permitting students to take a regular course load throughout their college and law school years, but still save one year of time and tuition.  Plus, qualified students who enroll the program are not required to remain in it:  they are free to continue at Sage for their senior year to earn their BA degree.


Student must be superior prospects to qualify for this program.  The admission committees at both Russell Sage College and Albany Law School use grade point average, class rank, SAT scores, and an essay or writing sample as criteria for admission.  The Sage Colleges and Albany Law School consider students with 1250 or above on the SAT and rank in the upper 10% of high school graduating class.

Students may seek admission to the accelerated law program after completion of their first year at college.  In this case, students must have maintained an excellent GPA during their first year of college level study in addition to the SAT and class rank requirements above. The standards for admission to the 3+3 Program are higher than for ordinary admission; failure to be accepted into this extremely competitive program does not mean that you should not plan to enter Russell Sage with a plan to attend law school.


Entering first-year students should tell the admissions counselor with whom they speak that they wish to apply to the 3+3 accelerated law program with Albany Law School.  The admissions counselors will screen the admissions material and, if appropriate, send them to Albany Law School for a final decision.  Students seeking to apply to the 3+3 program at the end of their first year at Russell Sage should contact Professor Pamela Katz (244-2067) about their intention to apply.


Students in the Accelerated Law program must choose a major that, along with general education courses, can be completed in three years at Sage.  The Pre-Law Advisor can help you select a major that works for the program.  Students accepted into the 3+3 program must earn a cumulative GPA of at least 3.3 during the three years of undergraduate study at Russell Sage College.  In addition, students must take the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) and achieve a score no lower than the median LSAT score for the prior year’s entering class at Albany Law School.