Liberal Arts programs

 Sage’s undergraduate Liberal Arts programs prepare students for leadership roles in education, government, the arts, non-profit agencies and corporations, as well as for graduate study in a range of disciplines.

Faculty members in Sage’s Liberal Arts programs are distinguished researchers, published authors, Fulbright scholars, business and government professionals and community leaders. More importantly, they love to teach and share their enthusiasm for their subjects with students.

Most Liberal Arts programs are interdisciplinary – students complement the core courses in their specific major with electives in a variety of subjects. Students in every discipline regularly conduct research, present at conferences including the prestigious National Conference on Undergraduate Research, and have their work published. Internships, work-study placements and service-learning projects combine education, professional networking and community involvement.

Several linked and accelerated programs make it possible for eligible students to complete a bachelor’s degree in a Liberal Arts discipline and a graduate degree in less time than it would take to pursue the degrees individually. A number of Sage’s Liberal Arts programs link to 3 + 3 programs with Albany Law School and Suffolk University Law School. The English, Psychology and Sociology majors link to the 3+2 degree in Occupational Therapy and the Psychology major links to the 3 + 3 doctorate in Physical Therapy.

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Undergraduate Programs

English (BA)
History (BA)
Interdisciplinary Studies (BS)
Law & Society (BS)
Psychology (BA, BS)
Public Health (BS)
Sociology (BA)
Writing & Contemporary Thought (BS)

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