Student presenting undergraduate research

B.A. at Russell Sage College

The study of history is essential to an understanding of world events, from the transformation of Eastern Europe to developments in contemporary China or Africa. History is also critical to understanding movements shaping contemporary society, from the evolution of modern America to revolutions in modern science and technology.

At Russell Sage College, the history program plays two distinctive roles, as a complement to the general education of all our students, the program offers classes ranging from the history of medicine to the history of the existence itself. Indeed, Sage is one of the few colleges to offer the field’s newest and more innovative history course, Big History which covers the evolution of time itself from the Big Bang some 13.8 billion years ago through the contemporary global civilization.

For those who wish to focus more specifically on a major in history, such a course of study can include, along with traditional courses in United States and Western Civilization, an extended investigation of the rich diversity of the global historical experience. Indeed, classes with regional emphasis on East Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East are complemented by methodological and thematic courses ranging from climate change to oral history and documentary filmmaking.