Interdisciplinary Studies Group

B.S. at Russell Sage College

In addition to those majors offered in the regular College curriculum, students may design interdisciplinary majors to accommodate and define particular academic interests. Examples include majors that combine coursework in art and sociology, and in English and psychology. Many other combinations are possible.

Students should first consult with their advisors or prospective departments and then write a proposal explaining their areas of interest and listing the courses that will enable them to attain their objectives. These courses may be chosen from any courses regularly offered at Russell Sage College and should also fulfill all general education requirements. The official proposal form may be obtained from the Office of Student Services or the Center for Academic Advising and Career Planning. It must be approved and signed by the program director in each discipline and by the Undergraduate Dean.

B.S. at Sage College of Albany

Students may design an interdisciplinary major to accommodate unique academic interests and career goals which cannot be met through established majors offered in the regular college curriculum. The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Interdisciplinary Studies is a student-designed major and is a structured, cohesive and meaningful integration of courses from two or more disciplines offered by the College. The major courses proposed must represent an integration of disciplines that leads to an identifiable area of intellectual inquiry.

Students electing to declare this major program must complete a proposal (program of study outline) before having completed 90 credit hours. Please see course catalog for program and proposal requirements.  Students consult with the program directors and faculty advisors in the intended disciplines to create a written proposal. The proposal will meet catalog requirements and list required major and support courses that will enable the student to achieve his/her objectives. It must be approved and signed by the program director in each discipline and by the Undergraduate Dean.