B.A. in Liberal Studies

The Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies program at Sage Professional and Continuing Education is intended to meet the educational needs of working adult learners and to provide opportunities for personal and professional development for returning students. Students who complete this major will demonstrate an ability to understand the questions, methods, and perspectives underlying the Liberal Arts and Sciences; define and solve problems through critical and  independent thinking; communicate effectively, and ground their lifelong learning in historical and theoretical contexts.

The program assumes that entering students will have completed a substantial number of undergraduate liberal arts and sciences credits in the areas of emphasis composing this degree and are interested primarily in a humanities-focused undergraduate major.  The bachelor of arts degree requires that 90 of the 120 required credits must be liberal arts and sciences courses.

It is recommended that students regularly consult with an academic advisor before registration to ensure that the courses selected are approved in advance by the Liberal Studies Program Coordinator.