Student in Shea Library

B.S. at Sage College of Albany

The Bachelor of Science in Writing & Contemporary Thought program at Sage College of Albany is comprised of English, Humanities, and Philosophy courses.  With an emphasis on the power of language, students will develop high proficiency in integrative and analytical thinking, problem solving, and effective skillful writing.

Writing & Contemporary Thought students choose an emphasis: Writing or Practical Philosophy, depending upon their individual intellectual and career interests.  Internship opportunities, experiential learning, technological competence for research and presentation, and an interdisciplinary curriculum are central aspects of the program.

The Writing & Contemporary Thought program features employability skills for the rapidly shifting world of work. These valued, enduring, transferable skills include: creativity; flexibility; knowledge construction; the ability to analyze, synthesize, organize, and evaluate information; critical thinking; reflective and careful reading; effective writing, speaking and listening; problem solving; the ability to formulate essential, meaningful questions; the capacity to make informed, independent decisions; ethical awareness; the ability to work cooperatively and with self-confidence and self-understanding; appropriate use of technology; and respect for cultures and diverse perspectives.