Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry Emilly Obuya, Ph.D., with Intro to Research Methods students

B.S. at Russell Sage College

The Bachelor of Science in Chemistry program at Russell Sage College is a certified degree program approved by the American Chemical Society. The program includes a two-semester research project, which qualified students may take at the Incubator for New Ventures in Science and Technology (INVEST).

A major in Chemistry can lead to a rewarding career in industry, research, or teaching. Many graduates pursue advanced degrees in the subject. The ACS-Certified major may be tailored to meet the requirements for entrance into medical, dental or veterinary schools. Students who wish to pursue this option will be assigned a pre-med advisor.  Accelerated completion of the non-certified major is possible, with courses taken in the senior year counting toward both the B.S. and a graduate degree through Sage Graduate Schools (such as the Doctor of Physical Therapy or the MBA).