Professor, Biology

Matthews, Dorothy
Science Hall 205, Troy
[email protected]

Research Interests

  • Assessment of scientific inquiry
  • Teaching evolution for conceptual change
  • Use of computers in biology instruction
  • Antibiotic resistance


Matthews, D.M. & Jenks, S.M. (2013). Ingestion of Mycobacterium vaccae decreases anxiety-related behavior and improves learning in mice. Behavioural Processes, 96, 27-35

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Jenks, S. M. & Matthews, D. M. (2010, July). Ingestion of Mycobacterium vaccae influences learning and anxiety in mice. Paper presented at the meeting of the Animal Behavior Society, Williamsburg, VA.

Matthews, D. M. & Jenks, S.M. (2010, May).  Investigation of the effect of Mycobacterium vaccae on learning in mice: Can bacteria make you smarter? Poster presented at the ASM Conference, SanDiego, CA. Available at

Matthews, D. M. & Matthews, M. J. (2009, July). Landscaping for wildlife with native plants.  Talk presented at Heldeberg Workshop, Voorheesville, NY.

Matthews, D. M. (2009, May). Open Inquiry Project: A Model for Teaching the Process of Science. Poster presented at the ASM Conference for Undergraduate Educators,    Colorado State University, Ft. Collins, CO.

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Barcomb, W., Breisch, A., Matthews, D.M., Matthews, M. & Morrison, W. (2006). Poster session. Heldeberg workshop: a model for grassroots based environmental education. Hudson River environmental Society conference, Hudson, NY.

Professional Activities

  • Board Member, The Heldeberg Workshop, Adult Program Coordinator
  • American Education Research Association
  • Field trip Organizer, Northeast Natural History Conference
  • National Biology Teachers Association
  • National Science Teachers Association
  • Science Teachers Association of New York State
  • Recipient of several faculty development grants