Marci Murphy, M.S.Lecturer
Biology & Health Sciences

Mueller Science Hall 213
Scrimshaw Health Sciences Hall 330
Troy Campus
[email protected]

Biography / History

Prof. Marci Murphy is a lecturer in the Department of Biology and Health Sciences. She completed her M.S. in Food Science and Human Nutrition with a concentration in Exercise Science from Colorado State University. Prof. Murphy has active memberships in several athletic training organizations, including the National and New York State Athletic Training associations. Her current scholarship interests include best teaching practices, complementary medicine, and the roles of nutrition and exercise in human health.

“What I like most about working at Sage…

…is the people. Our students, faculty, and staff all have stories and experiences to share. Everyone has unique interests and passions. The small college and classroom size provides ample opportunity for inquiry, discussion, and debate.”

“My favorite teaching moments are when…

…I leave a lecture learning something myself. Being asked aquestion that I don’t know the answer, is a reminder to myself and my students that learning is on-going. Asking questions or relating a topic to a personal experience, shows me my students are engaged. Sometimes the best classes are when I speak the least.”

“Courses I like to teach include…

Labs! Specifically, Anatomy and Physiology and Exercise Physiology labs. I also enjoy lecturing in Nutrition Science and Pathology and Prevention of Injuries.”

Teaching Philosophy

Learning neither begins nor ends in the classroom.The student arrives with experiences from which to draw and an access to an abundance of information. Forming connections and igniting or furthering an interest that they will continue to explore when they leave, is the goal. The student needs to take an active role in this process. They may write, draw, present, collaborate, and/or teach their peers. The more engaged, the stronger the connections, the greater the understanding, and the deeper the knowledge. We can’t know everything but we can continue to investigate, analyze, debate, and contribute; finding new answers, raising more questions, and never ceasing to learn.