Assistant Professor, Psychology

Gurley Hall, Troy
[email protected]


Sarah Butler, Assistant Professor, earned her BS at Baker University, her MA at DePaul University and her Ph.D. at DePaul University. Dr. Butler has taught courses at Sage including Statistics with Computer Applications, Experimental Psychology, the Psychology of Human Sexuality, Psychology of Persuasion and Social Influence, and Personal Pathways in Social Influence.

She has won a number of awards for her research and scholarship including:

  • Schacht Faculty Research Grant, Internal Grant – The Sage Colleges, Encouraging Positive Perceptions of Research Ability and the Professional Utility of Research by Reducing Fear of Failure, Grant Funded Spring 2013
  • Research Support Grant, Community-Academic Consortium for Research on Alternative Sexualities, The Kink Representation Outreach Project (KROP): Exploring the Role of Community Voice in Human Sexuality Textbooks (and beyond!), Grant Funded Spring 2013
  • Outstanding Early Professional Ambassador, The Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality, Fall 2011
  • Student Research Presentation Award, Finalist, National Conference of the Society of the Scientific Study of Sexuality, Fall 2011

Manuscripts in Preparation and Under Review (Asterisk denotes student collaborator)

Henry, P.J., Butler, S., Brandt, M. (under review). The Influence of Group-Based Status on the Perception of the Offensiveness of Group-Based Slurs.

Jennings, S., McIntyre, J, Butler, S. (under review) Opening up the Stem Pipeline:
What Young Adolescents Think about Engineering

Butler, S. (in preparation). Characteristics of Formal Sexual Education that Predict Sexual Communication Comfort.

Graham B., Butler, S., McGraw, R., Cannes, S.M.*, & Smith, J.* (in preparation) Facilitating Community Voice in Appraising BDSM Representation in Human Sexuality Textbooks: The Kink Representation Outreach Project.

Selected Scholarly Presentations

Butler, S. (2013, January) Improving Relationships through Education: The Impacts of Sex Education Programs on Comfort with Sexuality. Poster presented at the 14th annual conference of the Society of Personality and Social Psychology in New Orleans, LA.

Southard-Dobbs, S, Daniels, J., Butler, S. (2012, October) Addressing Statistics Anxiety: Practical Advice for Instructors, Paper presented at the 11th annual Best Practices conference of the Society of the Teaching of Psychology.

Butler, S. (2012, May) Teach Me How to Talk About Sex: Teaching Communication in Sex Education, Poster presented at the 24th annual conference of the Association of Psychological Science in Chicago, IL.

Butler, S. (2012, January) Teaching Sexual vs. Non-Sexual Relationship Communication: The Impact of Class Examples and Writing Activities, Poster presented at the 13th annual conference of the Society of Personality and Social Psychology in San Diego, CA.

Butler S. (2011, November) Getting Comfortable: The Characteristics of Parental and Formal Sexuality Education as they Relate to Sexual Comfort, Paper presented at the annual conference of the Society of the Scientific Study of Sexuality in Houston, TX.