Situated in the University Heights neighborhood of New York’s capital city, the coed Sage College of Albany offers four-year degrees in a variety of majors to prepare students for the career goals they identify – and opportunities still-to-be imagined. Sage College of Albany also administers the School of Professional and Continuing Education, a degree-completion program for working adults.

Sage College of Albany understands that the world is multidisciplinary. No one does just one thing anymore. The fastest-growing industries worldwide are communications, entertainment, information and graphics, which all draw on overlapping expertise – including an understanding of 21st century business practices.

Sage’s core educational curriculum is a two-course sequence in Innovation Thinking, affectionately dubbed i.Think and designed to impart skills for success in the 21st century.

All students – regardless of their major – encounter creative problem solving, critical thinking, group interaction, leadership, design thinking and community engagement via i.Think.

And because Sage knows there’s no substitute for experience, internships aren’t just suggested – they’re a required part of a Sage education.

Sage College of Albany is located on a 15-acre campus with a mix of charming brick buildings and sleek, modern buildings – including the renowned and award-winning Opalka Gallery. The University Heights neighborhood is also home to Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Albany Medical College, and Albany Law School. The campuses participate in academic partnerships and share a multi-campus bookstore.

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Kermit DeGraffenreidt Obeng

Kermit DeGraffenreidt Obeng

Business Administration

Growing up as a child in a little town in Ghana, Kermit DeGraffenreidt Obeng always dreamt of achieving great and wonderful things.