The Institutional Review Board (IRB) is a committee established by The Sage Colleges (TSC) to protect the rights of human subjects participating in research. IRBs were initially mandated by the Federal Government to review human subject research it funded. NY State requires that all human subject research be reviewed by an IRB. The Sage Colleges’ IRB is registered with the Office for Human Research Protection of the Department of Health and Human Services and has received a Federal Wide Assurance (FWA) from the agency. The IRB ensures that participation in a research project is voluntary, that the decision to participate is informed, and that the benefits outweigh the risks. This IRB web site contains the relevant Federal documents (the 45CFR46 and The Belmont Report), the Policy Manual for TSC IRB, the guidelines for applying for a project review, the application form, the informed consent form, a list of current members of the IRB, and the schedule of meetings for the year.

The Sage Colleges IRB requires that all researchers (including students) applying for a project review must demonstrate competency in human subjects research.  Please visit the National Institute of Health website for more information.

To apply for Project Review, please read The IRB Guidelines and How to Apply for Project Review listed below (before you email the IRB chair).

Any questions regarding the IRB may be directed to the chair, Dr. Francesca Durand, at [email protected] or 518-292-1835, or any other board member.

Mailing Address:

c/o School of Health Sciences, Office of the Dean
The Sage Colleges
65 1st Street
Troy, NY 12180

2017-18 IRB Materials & Forms