Adelyn Santos on Russell Sage College campusAdelyn Santos transferred to Sage because she was interested in the Health Sciences program, but also because she wanted to be closer to her family in New York City. Adjusting to being away had been hard. It seemed really important now that she find friendly people who would welcome her and make her feel at home.

She could hardly be more pleased that she made the change. “I’m doing so much better here at Sage,” she says. “The professors are great. They’re willing to customize the work for you, and there is no problem at all asking them for help.”

Adelyn is part of the Arthur O. Eve Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP), which provides financial assistance, counseling and support services to those who will most benefit from this kind of extra help. She hopes to make the most of this opportunity, with a plan to eventually go on to graduate school and become a physical therapist.

While growing up in Honduras, Adelyn saw many children with difficult medical conditions who were not receiving the kind of help and attention they desperately needed. “My passion became to be someone who could provide that help,” she says. “And I believe that if I continue to work hard I can make that dream of mine come true.”