Chester AyersWe expect, and even hope, that our accountants will be practical, and Chester Ayers doesn’t disappoint. He says he became an accountant because, as the saying goes, “nothing is certain in life except death and taxes.” (And, he notes, he had no interest in mortuary science.)

Chester’s natural fondness and capability with numbers also helped in choosing his path.
After getting his associate degree in business administration from Hudson Valley Community College, Chester chose Sage for his bachelor’s degree because he liked the idea of small classes. When his professors took the time to get to know him and were ready to provide help and guidance whenever he needed it, he was not surprised; but he was pleased.

Chester earned both his bachelor’s degree and his Master’s in Business Administration at Sage. All accomplished while maintaining a full-time job, a marriage and adding more children to his family.

Today, he works for the New York State Office of Mental Health as a budget analyst. He is happy with where his path led him, finding his job fulfilling and challenging. He enjoys the opportunity to find solutions to complex problems.

Being able to overcome challenges seems central to who Chester is. That he got his education while supporting a growing family – today, at age 33, Chester has three children under five years old – doesn’t seem to strike him as all that remarkable. “I have a pretty good work ethic,” he says. “I have drive.”

For those who have a similar drive and work ethic, he says, getting an advanced educational degree is possible at many colleges and universities. “But it’s easier at Sage,” he says. “With small class sizes, you’ll get the one-on-one time and individual attention to help you thrive.”