Danielle Stannard and her calf, Flawless.

Danielle Stannard and her calf, Flawless.

Danielle Stannard’s resume is packed. The Management major and member of the Class of 2019 is on the women’s basketball team and Student Athletic Advisory Committee, a member of the Sage Select leadership program, and an enthusiastic volunteer for a number of Sage-sponsored service projects. Off campus, she’s had considerable success showing cattle in agricultural shows, including winning the top honor, master showman. All of these activities helped her land a new resume-building role, a summer internship at agricultural services leader CaroVail.

All Sage Management students complete internships and Stannard was thrilled to find a position that combines her interests in business and agriculture – and gives her the chance to learn even more.

“I have learned an enormous amount of information about agronomics throughout my first few weeks,” Stannard said. She works on CaroVail’s field evaluation team, which monitors the performance of crops treated with CaroVail products by studying crop nutrient responses and abnormalities, and analyzing this data to make recommendations. “I have learned how to identify weeds that you will find throughout corn fields in upstate New York. I learned how to take stand counts to determine the overall plant population in the entire corn field.”

Stannard took college-level business courses during her junior and senior year of high school, which inspired her future major. Small classes, an athletics program and the business program’s reputation attracted her to Sage.

“My professors at Sage have been supportive of me since I arrived on campus,” she said, “and my internship has taught me how it is to be in the work world. Teamwork and work with others in the company is a key factor to being successful.”