Emily NoelEmily Noel first arrived at Sage thinking she’d pursue a career in the medical field. But after spending some time on the pre-med track, majoring in Biology, she knew it wasn’t for her. Her creative side was begging for attention, and the begging simply wouldn’t stop.

Making the switch to Interior + Spatial Design might have been hard. In fact, Emily was expecting that it would be. “But everyone at Sage was so encouraging. They walked me through the transition with real care and concern. In fact, I still talk today with some of the faculty and staff members who helped me.”

And today Emily has the position of design coordinator at an architectural firm in Boston, where she is “running projects, just two years out of college!”

She says Sage got her very well prepared. She had great internship experiences. Her leadership role in the Interior Design Club led to important connections, including a connection into the firm where she now works.

“I really grew into my own at Sage,” Emily says. “At the start, I was self-conscious. Especially changing majors like I did, it was hard for me to imagine that I was going to end up in a place like I am today. But I learned that if you work hard, if you’re with people who want you to do well, you’ll find a way to make it work.”

Emily also discovered that you can work hard and have a good time. She spent a semester abroad in London and was part of the Sage dance ensemble.

“I thrived at Sage,” she says. “I developed a hunger to take advantage of opportunities.”

And take advantage she did.