Sage Student Participates in Conference at West Point

Hajar Hussaini at West Point.Russell Sage College Honors Student Hajar Hussaini ’19 was a delegate at the 69th annual Student Conference on U.S. Affairs, “The Politics of the Forgotten and the Aggrieved: Remaking the World Order?,” at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point in November.

The annual four-day conference fosters dialogue between students from colleges across the United States — including many international students — and West Point cadets, in an effort to promote a better understanding of the challenges of foreign policy development.

The event includes panels, keynote speakers, and a series of roundtables at which delegates and cadets discuss foreign policy issues and present recommendations; the best recommendations are published in West Point’s Undergraduate Journal of Social Sciences.

Hussaini grew up in Afghanistan and worked for international organizations in Kabul before learning about Sage through the Initiative to Educate Afghan Women. She’s a Writing & Contemporary Thought major who intends to pursue a doctorate in Middle Eastern Studies and said the conference appealed to her academic and professional interests. She added that she was pleased and surprised to have a conversation in her native Persian with a West Point cadet.

Hussaini’s major is based on the Sage College of Albany campus. She said that getting to be involved on both campuses has been a highlight of her education — she’s also editor of the Russell Sage Review literary magazine in Troy, and works in the dean’s office in Albany. Dean Jean Dahlgren nominated her for the conference and a scholarship from the International Center of the Capital Region, which supported her attendance.