Sage student Hakeem Plummer and engineer Ambi Tones at JGI Media

Hakeem Plummer (left) and engineer Ambi Tones at JGI Media/Capital Mixers.

“My mom and uncle played all the oldies every Sunday as I was growing up,” said Hakeem Plummer ’19. “People ask how I know a song, I say I heard it growing up. It’s a part of me.” By the time he was a teenager, Plummer’s preferences ran toward Jay-Z and Kanye West. “I had heart surgery at 15. All the adults around me were nervous. I just kept my headphones on and I wasn’t nervous,” he said.

As he recovered, he taught himself how to use audio software to make and sell his own beats under the producer name Karma. He knew that the recording artists he admired were as well-known for their entrepreneurial pursuits as for their music, and that inspired him to make plans to pursue a college degree. Today, Plummer is in his last semester as a business administration major at Sage, and looking forward to a career in the music industry.

Plummer said one of the highlights of his Sage education has been the opportunity to apply everything he learned in his management classes to marketing, business development and in-studio recording projects during an internship at JGI Media/Capital Mixers recording studio in Albany. He appreciated being able to intern at a business so closely aligned with his own goals: “That’s what I want to do eventually, own my own label and studio,” he said.

Plummer begins a paid position as a tracking engineer and social media manager at JGI/Capital Mixers this spring, and in May he will become the first in his family to earn a bachelor’s degree. He hopes to work toward his MBA as he launches his career.