Her Experience Led to Interest in Health Sciences at Russell Sage College

NBC’s Today recently featured Jenna Winchester RSC ’20 as part of its “My Weight-Loss Journey” series. Winchester is majoring in Health Sciences with a concentration in Exercise Science.

Jenna Winchester

In high school, Winchester weighed nearly 400 pounds. “With my best friend, my dog Nadia, by my side I started to walk, and then run,” she said. “I started to change my diet and the weight started to come off, 202 pounds.”

Her experience sparked her interest in a health-related career and Russell Sage College. “What attracted me to Russell Sage was the fact that its Health Science programs are so highly recommended,” she said. “A degree in exercise science can open the door to physical therapy, coaching, nutrition and other health and fitness related fields,” she continued, adding, “I also really fit with the tagline of ‘Be. Know. Do.’”

Winchester acknowledges that staying disciplined about eating and exercise is not easy, and something she – like other college students and working adults – faces daily. “The reality is, you have to work hard and be dedicated, everyone struggles,” she said. “At times it is extremely challenging. When I get stressed I tend to eat more. I honestly think just being around like minded people at Russell Sage is what helps me.”

Winchester works at a local gym, where she enjoys helping people feel welcome and excited about physical fitness. “I think my experience makes me more personable to people. It makes it easier for me to understand certain things. I hope that at least one person is inspired and motivated and finds hope after reading my story.”

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