Jennie Evans

It almost feels like understatement to say Jennie Evans is well educated.

After attaining her bachelor’s degree, she came to Sage and completed a master’s in Childhood Education and a dual master’s in Literacy and Special Education. In December, she’ll finish up her Sage Doctorate in Educational Leadership.

Meanwhile, Jennie’s been an adjunct professor teaching Technology and Literacy on campus, while also working at the Albany Leadership Charter High School for Girls.

Oh, and she’s a Google certified teacher, which has placed her in special demand during the COVID-19 crisis, with distance learning becoming, practically speaking, the only kind of learning.

But Jennie swears she’s just a teacher at heart.

“What I like most is working directly with students,” she says.

And no matter where she ends up — being a school superintendent some day is in the mix, as well as being a college professor – she wants to have that kind of personal communication going.

It’s been the personal ties Jennie has developed with her fellow students in the doctoral program that’s been the most rewarding part. “It’s been the best thing I never saw coming,” she says. “I’ve made some amazing connections.”

It’s the making of connections that Jennie believes is the centerpiece of Sage’s Esteves School of Education. “I’ve seen all types of students thrive here. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone who wasn’t fully immersed in what they were doing. The level of attention you get, the amount of outreach, I know that doesn’t always happen.”

But Jennie clearly thinks it should happen. “In education, “ she says, “it’s relationship building that’s at the core of everything we do.”

She’s experienced that at Sage. It seems clear she’s going to insist on it now everywhere she goes.