Kate McMahonKate McMahon says she knew Sage was the place for her on the very first night she spent on campus, while on an accepted student overnight visit. “I had so much fun,” she remembers. “All the students were so welcoming. I just felt really comfortable.”

If there was any doubt at all that she’s landed where she was meant to be, Kate also has this to say: “At freshman orientation, I met my best friend, who remains my best friend to this day. In fact, she’s my child’s godmother.”

But that doesn’t mean Kate found college a walk in the park. She says her life as a student was often challenging. “Very challenging, in fact,” she says. “Though never overwhelming. Because my professors were always willing to help. They were easy to work with. You felt you could ask any question you had. They really cared.”

Kate graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, intending to get her master’s, but before she finished the Sage master’s program, life presented her with a new set of challenges and she needed to get a full-time job. That’s when she got her LPN degree and began a career in nursing. Today, she’s working to earn her RN, and remains determined that one day she’ll finish that master’s.

Kate’s not afraid of doing the work. That’s who she is, and that’s who Sage helped her to become. “I picked up a lot of good habits at Sage,” she says. “I was challenged and I learned to keep on going. And I learned that there would be people there to help me along the way.”