Kyerra StanleyWhen Kyerra Stanley says she finds Sage a close-knit community, here’s what she means:

“You don’t ever feel lost and alone. I always feel like there’s someone in my corner. I’ve got professors from freshman year who still ask me how I’m doing.”

Kyerra grew up in a small town, and she remembers in high school she was “super shy.” She found it hard to ask for help, even when she really needed that help.

What she hoped would happen at Sage has happened. She has stepped out. She’s a member of the college a capella group, The Sagettes. She’s mentoring first-year students, and she’s engaged in a research project with a professor.

“You’re encouraged to take charge of your life,” Kyerra says, by way of explaining her transformation.

Kyerra has also benefited from being part of the Big Sister/Little Sister program. This is a tradition on campus in which an upperclass student guides and mentors a first-year student. Like Kyerra, her “Big” is a Health Sciences major, studying to be a physical therapist.

She’s been a big help indeed, and the two have become good friends.

“That’s what Sage is about,” Kyerra says. “You’re surrounded by students who want to be there for you. They want you to do well, to get a degree, and find work on a professional level.”

This helping environment has provided a big boost to this small-town girl.

“This is a diverse community,” Kyerra says. “But we’re all connected by the desire to do well, and to see others succeed.”