Marcus Patterson

Sharing what it’s been like for him in Portugal while playing professional basketball for the Portimonense SC, Marcus Patterson finds it natural to reflect back on his non-basketball life at Sage.

His time on the Sage men’s basketball team was certainly of great value, but Marcus says his overall college experience taught him to “go into things with an open mind, and meet as many people as you can.” That’s what he’s been doing during his time overseas, and, as a result, he’s been having a full and rewarding experience. 

While at Sage, Marcus, a Business Administration major, earned a 3.0 GPA, was active in student government, served as class president in his sophomore and junior years, and was a member of the Sage Select Leadership Program. During his senior year, he was also the basketball team’s most valuable player. And this isn’t the full list of what Marcus did with his time. 

“Sage made me a well-rounded person,” he says, in what seems like gross understatement. “I was always friendly, but I didn’t really know friendly until I came to Albany. I was among people I trusted. I was in good company. It made me a better person.”

Marcus was particularly impressed by his Sage professors. “They were always available,” he remembers. “You could literally stop them while they were walking across campus and ask for their help.”

Marcus grew up in the Bronx. When he arrived at Sage he decided he would need to “slow things down.” He says he did. He learned to soak things in. 

When you consider all that Marcus accomplished during his time as a college student, it’s clear that not everyone’s idea of “slow” is the same.