Sports Marketing Internship Leads to Job Offer

Molly Snyder (center) with her supervisors at Campanelli Stadium, home to the Brockton Rox.

Molly Snyder (center) with her supervisors at Campanelli Stadium, home to the Brockton Rox.

Molly Snyder SCA ’18 will join the Marketing & Promotions department for the Brockton Rox baseball team after she graduates from Sage with a degree in Business Marketing this spring.

She gained tons of professional experience at her internship with the team last summer, which helped her stand out for the position.

“Game days could last from 9 a.m. to nearly midnight,” said Snyder, describing her internship responsibilities. She’d start the morning writing a script for game announcements, which she compared to a 10-page class paper. Later, she’d prep liability forms for people participating in game promotions; conduct behind-the-scenes work for special events; and lead a meeting to hand out game assignments to other interns and staff.

“The third base line was my place during the game,” she said. From there, she’d greet and escort the national anthem singer and special guest throwing the first pitch; keep between-inning promotions, like dance contests between kids and the kangaroo mascot on schedule; and manage social media. She’d help run after-game promotions, like fireworks, too.

A highlight was getting to apply what she had learned from business classes at Sage, she said, whether it was creating promotions or writing a business plan for the general manager. “I’d think, ‘I know this,’” she said, “and knowing these things helped me fit in better.”

Snyder said one of the classes that helped prepare her was Sports Marketing with adjunct professor Bob Stulmaker (The class is now part of the curriculum for Sage’s new Sport and Recreation Management major.) “There were great guest speakers and they helped me with my own ‘elevator speech,’” she said, referring to the skill of making important points concisely. “I definitely feel prepared to meet my career goals.”