In the signature line of his emails, Philip Kwashie, SCA ’15, cites Abraham Lincoln: “Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.” Find out how his resolution to succeed and a B.S. in Law & Society from Sage brought him to the New York State Democratic Assembly Campaign Committee.

Q: What is your role at the Democratic Assembly Campaign Committee?

Philip Kwashie

A: As Researcher at the Democratic Assembly Campaign Committee, I conduct research on legislation and legislative programs, provide research support for Members of the Democratic Conference in the State Assembly, and identify and research suitable fundraising opportunities and potential new donors. I am also responsible for researching potential election candidates and analyzing election results and voter enrollments.

Q: How did the Law & Society program at Sage prepare you for this position? What skills or lessons did you learn that directly apply to your work now?

A: The Law & Society program provided me with knowledge of the issues that come up during my research on legislation and legislative programs. It’s interesting to mention that online resources, such as LexisNexis and WestLaw, which I was required to use for most of my classes are what I use for research now.

Q: How did you learn about this opportunity at the Democratic Assembly Campaign Committee?

A: During my junior year, Professor Bobbi Gabrenya suggested that I apply for the State Assembly Session Internship. As an intern, I was fortunate to meet an Assembly Member from the Bronx who attended the same high school as me. He offered me a second internship in his office during senior year and a part-time position as a legislative aide after graduation. A couple months later, he guided me to this job opportunity.

Q: How does Sage prepare students to take advantage of those kinds of internship and job opportunities?

A: Sage prepares students by incorporating real-life situations in lectures, and by teaching students to be analytical and think outside the box. The fact that internships are required for many programs gives students the opportunity to network, gain experience, and develop professional skills before stepping out into the real world.

Q: What are your plans for the future — beyond the Democratic Assembly Campaign Committee?

A:  I’m hoping to pursue my Master’s in Public Administration and Policy this fall and go on to law school after that.

Q: What advice would you give to prospective students who are thinking about studying at Sage?

A: At Sage, you will be challenged and molded into a well-rounded individual who is ready to tackle the real world.