Shea ObadoIf you love sports and can only wish you could make a varsity team, Shea Obado is one of those people designed to drive you nuts.

Shea got asked to play on the Sage men’s lacrosse team, even though he didn’t play lacrosse in high school. He ended up starting freshman year.

Because he’s that kind of athlete. In high school he was on the football, wrestling and track teams. It was just kind of obvious that if he worked at lacrosse he’d be good at it.

As noted above, maddening.

But Shea didn’t come to Sage with the idea of pursuing a life in sports. He’s a business major. He comes from a family where there’s been success in sales. “I think I might have it in me,” he says.

And the place where Shea has seen the most remarkable growth at Sage hasn’t been on the athletic field, rather, it’s been in his own character.

“My parents say it to me all the time now,” he says. “You’ve changed.”

What they mean is that he’s made schoolwork a priority, he’s become responsible about staying on top of things, and he’s even getting known for helping when work needs to be done around the family home.

There was a time when Shea thought he wanted to go to a big party school. Now, he talks about how Sage is just the right place for him.

“I love every single one of my professors,” he says. “If I’m having trouble with anything, they’ll always see me that day. Maybe within that hour.”

Same thing with his social life.

“Being on the lacrosse team, I came into school with 20 brothers.”

Tough to beat.