Tyler Cardona at piano

Coming from the Bronx, it seems only natural to expect that Tyler Cardona might have found his new life in upstate New York at least a little on the sleepy side, requiring an adjustment on his part.

So, his response to that observation is surprising.

“The sleepiness is the best part,” he says. “I love my home city but I also love the calmness here. I love all the opportunities that it opens up to me. This has been such a positive change in my life.”

Tyler is in his freshman year majoring in Musical Theatre, and he says his talents in singing and acting have already “expanded exponentially.”

He gives a lot of the credit to his professors. “They all want to help me. They all want me to succeed. It’s hard to describe what that’s like. I’ve never once felt like a number in my classes. I already know my professors here better than I knew my high school teachers after four years.”

The confidence Tyler says he’s building isn’t limited to his moments on stage. He feels differently about himself, everywhere he goes. “My teachers and classmates, they don’t want me to be left out. People here bring you into the conversation. I’ve become a new person.”