Sage student-athletes Tyler Schnaible and Kiersten Duncan at the NCAA Student-Athlete Leadership Forum.

Sage student-athletes Tyler Schnaible and Kiersten Duncan at the NCAA Student-Athlete Leadership Forum.

There’s no off-season for student-athlete Tyler Schnaible SCA ’20, who is a member of Sage’s golf, volleyball and tennis teams. “I grew up always playing a sport, I was never the kid to sit inside,” said the Dean’s List student.

Athletics has already opened up a lot of opportunities for him – he was captain of the Shenendehowa High School volleyball team during its 2015 championship season and he coaches a club volleyball team at the high school. He is thrilled to continue his leadership streak as a student-athlete at Sage.

Recently, Schnaible – along with softball player Kiersten Duncan RSC ’19 – was nominated by the coaching staff to represent Sage at the NCAA’s Student Leadership Forum in Washington, D.C. He ranked the experience among his all-time athletics career highlights. “To be with 300 other athletes, Division I through Division III, who share the same leader mindset was really special,” he said. “There is so much that we learned, whether it be leading on the field, improving the Student Athlete Advisory Committees or community projects … I am going to sit down with the athletics director [Sandy Augstein-Collins RSC ’87] and share my experiences and information I received. We will talk about strategies to implement what I learned into the teams and the campus.”

Schnaible is a Physical Education major; “I chose that because of my passion for sports,” he said. He’d love to eventually teach at his former high school and, of course, coach a sport. “I plan to keep playing sports, I don’t think the competitive edge will ever leave me.”

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The Benefits of Being a Student-Athlete: “Sage athletics has enhanced my time at school because there is so much to be gained from sports that can’t be taught in a classroom … Playing sports has also helped me, and I’m sure many of the other athletes, with managing time and problem solving.”

Always In-Season: “I play volleyball, golf and tennis at Sage. Yes, I do school work, I promise! I start the year with golf. I started playing not too long ago so Coach Kevin Kain is giving me the stepping stones to success and how to be a good player. Next is volleyball season. Volleyball is my passion and I’m playing with a great group of guys. Coach Bob Verhayden and I are always talking, whether it be about our team or just everyday life. He was a large part in me going on the DC trip and I can’t thank him enough. And after golf and volleyball, I start tennis. Tennis season is a little shorter than normal for me due to overlap with volleyball, but I enjoy it a lot. Coach Tom Fashouer is very knowledgeable of the game and I appreciate that he allows me to play even though I cannot make all the games [due to volleyball].

Why Sage: Sage attracted me through its small campus. At Sage, everyone knows each other and it’s like a small family, I really like that. Family is at the top of my core values too, so it is nice being able to commute and not have to leave them.