The Dietetic Internship program participates in the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ Dietetic Internship Centralized Application Services (DICAS) and has an early admission options for Sage DPD students.

Early Admission (Pre-select Program)

The Sage Colleges offers a post-baccalaureate accredited dietetic internship in the Sage Graduate School. The Sage Colleges DPD students (undergraduate or MS in Nutrition and Dietetics) matriculated students have the special opportunity to apply for early admission to Sage’s Dietetic Internship (DI). Students chosen for this special program, reserve a position in the internship class, nearly one year in advance of regular admission. They must maintain an overall GPA of 3.3 and a selection of nutrition and support course GPA of 3.5.

Pre-Select Application 2019-2020

Note: pre-select applications are due October 12, 2018.

DICAS Instructions

Please complete the following 3 Steps when applying to The Sage Colleges Dietetic Internship:

  1. Register with D&D Digital – the National Matching Center for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Applicants will prioritize internships for matching. You can begin registering on D&D Digital December 1st, 2018 and all ranking must be completed by 11:59 Central Time on February 15, 2019. There is a $55 fee computer matching fee.
  • D&D Digital Codes: #471 Distance Track; #472 Onsite Track

2.  Apply electronically via the Dietetic Internship Centralized Application Services (DICAS). Can begin completing application December 6, 2018.

  • The online application must be completed for our program by 11:59 p.m. Central Time on February 15, 2019.
  • The fee to use DICAS is $45 for the first application submitted and $20 for each additional application.

3. Complete The Sage Colleges Dietetic Internship Release Form:

In addition to DICAS and D&D Digital, please complete the Sage DI Release Form and mail with the $40 Sage DI Application Fee, post marked by February 15, 2019 to:

ATTN: Michelle Morgan, MS, RDN, CDN
Dietetic Internship Director
Nutrition Science Department
The Sage Colleges
65 1st Street
Troy, NY 12180

  • Release Form 2019-2020
  • A check for $40.00 payable to The Sage Colleges must accompany each DI Application Release Form. This fee is waived for current Russell Sage College and Sage Graduate students and graduates. Only one application fee is required if applying to both the Dietetic Internship and Sage Graduate Schools.
  • DISTANCE TRACK ONLY: Complete the Sage “Practicum Rotation Preceptor Sign-up Form” and submit along with $40 application fee and DI release form.

Please Note: If also applying to a MS degree program, a copy of the entire online packet will be forwarded to Sage Graduate Admission Office after the internship review process is concluded. An additional application fee is not required. The DI Recommendation Forms will be used in place of the Graduate School references. A Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is not required.

Acceptance Process

1. Notification Day: Applicant Notification Day for the Computer Match process for Spring 2019 will be Sunday April 7, 2019 at 6:00 pm Central Time. The Sage Dietetic Internship is not allowed to notify students prior to this date. Students must accept/reject the computer match within 24 hours of Notification Day.

2. Appointment Day: For the Sage Dietetic Internship, applicants are to call or email; 518-244-4598, [email protected] the Program Director by 6:00 pm EST (time zone of Dietetic Internship) on April 8, 2019, to confirm the acceptance or rejection of the match. The Sage Graduate School Dietetic Internship forwards a confirmation acceptance letter in May. Additional program information and directions pertaining to enrollment into the Sage DI are forwarded to each new intern at that time, as well as throughout the summer.


As a participant in the computer matching process, it is expected that applicants who receive a match will adhere to the results of the match and accept that match. It is unacceptable to decline a match in order to pursue an appointment to another supervised practice program.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019: Beginning at 6:00 am Central Time, all Dietetic Internship Directors with openings may contact unmatched applicants who were originally on their prioritized list of applicants and offer an appointment.

Thursday, April 11, 2019: Beginning at 11:00 am Central Time, names of Dietetic Internship programs that did not fill their class and authorized the release of their name will appear on

Second Round Match Instructions

Second round applicants must meet all application criteria for the track in which you are applying to be considered. 

Second round application instructions: 1) Fill out and e-mail the Release Form 2019-2020 to the program director: [email protected]; 2) Release application to The Sage Colleges on DICAS (do not e-mail your application) and; 3) If applying to the distance program please be sure to also e-mail a copy of the The Sage Colleges Dietetic Internship Distance Program Preceptor Sign Up Form.

You will only be required to pay the $40 application fee if you accept an appointment with our program. 

Please note: due to the high volume of e-mails and calls coming in during the second round match process, please allow up to 72 hours for a response from the DI Director. 

For additional matching procedures from the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics click here.