“It is an honor to be a graduate of Sage’s dietetic internship. I learned more in my 10 months at Sage than I ever thought possible. In addition, I was extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to complete all of my rotations at the Albany Stratton VA Medical Center, where I was exposed to diverse fields of nutrition and complex patients, and also provided with just the right amount of guidance and support to grow and learn both personally and professionally. The strong relationships I developed with my preceptors are invaluable and I will cherish them throughout the rest of my career. When I completed the internship, I felt accomplished and completely prepared to enter the field of dietetics!”

Amelia Ti, MS, RD, CDN
Class of 2017-2018


“Completing the dietetic internship (DI) with Sage College prepared me for entry-level dietetic practice. The DI at Sage is communications focused, which really taught me to write, speak and convey nutrition information in an ethical, evidence-based, and population-specific way. The five-rotation format of the Sage DI is an invaluable experience; exposure to various areas of practice really helped me to understand what I enjoyed about each rotation and where I would like to work. Additionally, the classes and practicum assignments strengthen the educational experience, are applicable to real-world practice, and prepare you for the registered dietitian (RD) exam. I think for me though, the support, guidance and care from Professor Morgan and Longton, truly made the experience feel individualized and helped me to be a successful RD.

Each rotation provided a valuable set of skills and preparation for the exam, but the in-class and field trip days were highlights for me. Hearing from RDs that currently work in the field, visiting farms and lobbying for licensure aided in my understanding of the field of dietetics and where I belong within it.

My community rotation, at the Sylvia Center, introduced me to the world of community nutrition and was incredibly enjoyable. I was treated as a member of the team, participating in teaching cooking and nutrition to youth both on the homestead farm location and in the schools and community. I currently work for the organization as the Program Development and Evaluations Coordinator and am grateful to Sage for making this connection for me.”

Selina LaVista Preyer-Blakney, RDN
Class of 2017-2018


“Your program should respect you as a professional and as an individual. As a professional, The Sage Colleges Dietetic Internship trained me to be analytical, knowledgeable, and proficient for every rotation. My preceptors all complimented my preparedness compared to interns from other programs. Moreover, as an individual, I cannot imagine this experience with any program but Sage. During a challenging and rigorous internship, the directors worked tirelessly to make sure that I was getting the best experience possible. The personal attention and consideration of my needs as an individual made every difference in my success.”

Annie Scorcia
Class of 2018-2019


“Gratitude is the word that represents my feelings towards the Sage Colleges Dietetic Internship program, where I have felt cared for and supported throughout the entire journey.

During my internship, I was exposed to a variety of dietetic applications and have directly worked with Registered Dietitians, doctors, nurses, and speech pathologists. These professionals helped me to enhance my assessment, diagnosis, intervention, monitoring/evaluation skills, and become confident in the field practices. I was able to see patients in varied settings such as long-term, out-patient, and intensive care, and the vast exposure has improved my critical thinking skills. I was able to fully put into practice the Nutrition Care Process aimed towards different disease conditions. I have been able to shadow all of the Registered Dietitians that I’ve worked with, and their continuous guidance has improved my professional skills considerably.

Interning at a clinical hospital setting was new to me, including much of the terminologies and the clinical environment culture. However, the Registered Dietitians involved in the internship were highly trained professionals and provided me with all of the necessary conditions for me to succeed and be confident. My professors from Sage Colleges tightly kept in touch with my mentors at the hospital and were able to help me with some learning methodologies. For instance, I had difficulty to manage my time and be able to see several patients in a day. On a phone call, my professor was able to provide me with crucial time management information which ultimately allowed me to complete my clinical rotation successfully.

Having a professor who was readily available to listen and help me made the whole difference in the completion of my internship. She made me feel cared for, supported, and above all made me think I was not alone in this journey. I highly and genuinely recommend the Sage Colleges Dietetic Internship to anyone. Thank you, Sage Colleges!”

Bruno Lima
Class of 2018-2019


“The Dietetic Internship at The Sage Graduate Schools has been an eye-opening experience into the numerous professional settings within nutrition. I have gained confidence, stepped out of my comfort zone, and challenge myself professionally. Being able to merge academic material with real-life experience helped deepen my understanding of nutrition. The opportunity to learn from nutrition professionals and see their passion for their work helped develop my career interests within the field.”

Serwa Lake-Sample
Class of 2018-2019


“My experience with Sage was super rewarding. We were constantly encouraged, given so many chances to grow both personally and professionally, and there was never a moment I felt that I couldn’t ask for help. We were exposed to all areas of dietetics– including inpatient, outpatient, food service management, and community. This allowed me to pinpoint which areas of dietetics I am most passionate about and helped me gain a better understanding of the areas I was less familiar with. I am very grateful for my experience with Sage and our directors, for the successful transition into the dietetics profession, and for the friends I made along the way!”

Christina Giangiordano
Class of 2018-2019