Sonya Irish Hauser, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Graduate Programs Director

Ackerman Hall 323, Troy
[email protected]


Ph.D – Food Policy and Applied Nutrition – Tufts University

MS – Nutrition Communication – Tufts University

BS – Nutrition Science – Russell Sage College

BA – Psychology – Houghton College

Courses Taught

  • SCI 120 Nutrition Science
  • NTR 562 Weight Management
  • NTR 561 Nutrition Programs and Interventions
  • NTR 555 Nutrition Communication
  • NTR 201 Foundations of Nutrition Science
  • HMN 201 Food, Culture and Nutrition


Dr. Irish Hauser’s academic work includes research in the areas of childhood obesity, family and community approaches to obesity prevention, and use of multimedia and web-based technology in health promotion. Other interests include environmental approaches to health behavior change and health and social marketing. Most recently, she has focused on development, implementation and various modes of dissemination for nutrition and physical activity curricula aimed at elementary school children. She has authored numerous scientific papers and speaks regularly at academic meetings and conferences. As well, she writes and contributes to articles for popular press and consults for various public health organizations, community groups, food companies, and commodity boards on a regular and on-going basis.


Professional Publications

Hauser SI, Craig A, Collins E. The increasingly competitive (and crowded) nutrition education environment. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Nutrition and Dietetics Educators and Preceptors Newsletter. 2016, Summer ed.

Irish Hauser SH, Economos CD, Nelson ME, Goldberg JP, Naumova EN, Anderson SE, Must A. Household and family factors related to weight status in first through third graders: A cross-sectional study in Eastern Massachusetts. BMC Pediatrics. 2014, 14(1):167-176.

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Seguin RA, Hyatt RR, Kennedy MA, Irish SH, Nelson ME.  The Strongwomen Program: Evaluation Of A Community-Based Exercise Program And Its Leaders. Med Sci Sports & Exer. 2005. 37(5) Suppl: S246.

Professional Abstracts

Hauser SI, FitzPatrick E, Arendt SW, Olson ED, Rainville AJ, Rice BW, Lewis K. It Takes a Community: Innovative Approaches and Best Practices in Summer Food Service Program Operation. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Annual Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo, (accepted for presentation) October 2016, Boston, MA.

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