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  • Are GREs required for DI Program admission?

    No, they are not required for the Dietetic Internship program or for Russell Sage College graduate programs.

    What are the selection criteria for being accepted into the SGS DI?

    Review the Admission Requirements  for more information.

    What is the minimum GPA required for acceptance?

    Minimum overall GPA of 3.0.

    Does the application process require an interview?

    Yes, interviews are held via Zoom.

    Does an applicant have to apply to the graduate school?

    No, unless a master’s degree is desired then students can apply simultaneously or separately to the graduate school.

    How much financial aid is available through the internship?

    Review the Tuition and Fees page for more details.

    How will students be placed at the facilities? Do I have to secure the facilities and preceptors for where I want to do my internship?

    For the Onsite Track, the DI Director is responsible for this activity. Refer to the main Dietetic Internship page for more information. For the Distance Track, this is the responsibility of the intern.

    Do I have to write another essay for the graduate school or can I use the same letter I have for the dietetic internship application?

    The same letter/essay may be used for the DI and SGS applications. Review the Application Process for more information.

    What is the exact cost of the program overall?

    The cost varies depending on your living situation. Review the Tuition and Fees page for more information.

    Is there a standard recommendation form that Russell Sage College uses or may I use the standard AND form, when applying for the Dietetic Internship program?

    The Russell Sage College Dietetic Internship program uses the AND standard recommendation form. Refer to Application Process to access the form and online application process.