1) View your tuition bill.

This can be done online by logging into your SageAdvisor account. You should have also received a bill in your Sage email account on July 1.

  • If you would like a parent to get a copy of the bill, give them access through SageAdvisor.

2) Pay your bill.

Payment can be made online through SageAdvisor, by mail or in person.

  • Sage also offers a monthly payment plan, which allows you to break down your tuition payment into 4 or 5 payments over the course of a semester. Visit sage.afford.com for more information.

3) Do you have health insurance?

If yes, waive Sage’s health insurance coverage. Visit www.mystudentmedical.com to do so.

Remember, your tuition bill is due on August 1 for the fall semester!

Please reach out to Student Accounts with any questions — we’re happy to assist you.