1. What is a statement of account?

The term statement of account refers to your bill.

2. When are payments due to the college?

For the academic year 2019-2020:

  • Fall 2019 is due August 1, 2019
  • Spring 2020 is due December 2, 2019

3. Does Sage offer a payment plan?

The Sage Colleges offers a low cost payment plan through Tuition Management Services (TMS). The payment options through TMS allow students and families to spread the cost of attendance over time concurrent with the period of enrollment.

4. Does the payment plan cost anything?

The payment plan cost $45.00 to enroll.

5. How do I find out more about the payment plan?

Please visit the Tuition Management Services enrollment page.

6. What happens if I pay my bill late?

Accounts that are not paid in full, on a payment plan, or do not have sufficient financial aid to cover the balance by the due date will be placed on a Student Acccounts (SS) hold.

7. How often will I get a bill?

The Sage Colleges no longer mails paper statements. Students will get an email when a statement has been updated for their review. Statements will be published for review on a monthly basis. Students can access their statements online through SageAdvisor.

8. Why am I charged for health insurance as a full-time undergraduate student?

All full-time students (RSC & SCA) must maintain health insurance coverage for all semesters in which they are enrolled. This fee may be waived if the student has health insurance coverage independent of the college. The fee must be waived prior to the waiver deadline.

More information regarding health insurance

9. Where can I access my Student Account?

Students can access their student account by logging into SageAdvisor. Click on the Student’s Menu. Click on Access/Pay your account or view recent activity.

10. How can I view my Statement of Account?

Log into SageAdvisor. Click on Access/Pay Your Account. Click on View Statements/Make A Payment. This will bring you to your eAccount Services page. Click on View Bills to see your most recently published Statement of Account. Click on Your Account to view a summary of your account, which will show you the last published balance. Also, in Your Account, you can give access to your parents/guardians/or a third party to view your account and make payments.

11. How can I make a payment?

Log into SageAdvisor. Click on Access/Pay Your Account. Click on View Statements/ Make a Payment. This will bring you to the eAccount Services Page. Click on Make a Payment and follow the steps for paying online with any major credit card or electronic check.

12. What is the difference between viewing my statement of account and viewing recent activity?

Viewing your statement of account through the eAccount Services page is like viewing a paper statement that has been printed for you. Changes made to the account after the statement has been published are not visible. Viewing your recent activity will allow you to see any credits posted to the account in real time.

If you make a payment online through the Make A Payment link you will be able to see it posted against your charges by clicking on the View Recent Activity link.

To view your recent activity simply click the link under Financial Information and enter the term you wish to view.

13. How often is my account updated?

Credits are posted to the account in real time. Charges are only updated weekly.

14. Can I give access to my parents/guardian/third party so that they can receive updates on my account?

Yes, log into SageAdvisor. Click on Access/Pay Your Account. Click on the box at the bottom of your screen that says View Statements/Make a Payment. Click on Your Account at the top of your screen. Click Add New in the Parent/Guardian/Sponsor Access box. Enter the required information and click submit. An email notification will be sent to the third party detailing how to log into the system.

15. If I have questions regarding my statement or student account who can I contact?

Questions regarding student accounts and statements should be directed to The Office of Student Accounts at 518-244-2205 (Troy) or 518-292-1788 (Albany).