Receive your student account refund in the fastest, most convenient way.

You get to choose how you receive your money. Simply log into SageAdvisor and click on ‘Student Refunds.’

So, what are your choices?

The Sage Colleges now uses Bankmobile to process all student refunds.

All students are mailed a Refund Selection Kit (issued by BankMobile). No checks are cut by The Sage Colleges; instead, all student refunds are processed through BankMobile. Students may select a refund preference using the Bank Mobile Vibe Account and accompanying instructions at

Look for a green envelope from Bankmobile containing your Refund Selection Kit.

Your Refund Selection Kit will come in a bright green envelope. Keep this kit and the instructions, even if you do not plan on receiving a refund. There are a host of reasons for receiving a refund, not all of which can always be anticipated. Your Refund Selection Kit will be mailed to the most recent home address Sage has on file, so be sure to keep your address current! Notify Student Services of any change in home address in writing. Note that the card cannot be sent to a University Heights (on campus) address.

Visit to select a refund preference.

Once you log in using the code and the accompanying instructions, you will be able to select a refund preference. Available choices are:

  1. 1.      Have your refund directly deposited to an existing checking/savings account.
  2. 2.      Have a paper check mailed to your address.
  3. 3.      Open a BankMobile Vibe Account.

You should select a refund preference as soon as you receive your Refund Selection Kit. If no preference is selected, your refund will be inaccessible for up to three weeks. After 21 days, a paper check will be sent to the most recent address BankMobile has on file. If this is incorrect, your refund could be inaccessible for even longer, as you will have to wait for the check to be reissued.

Contact [email protected] with any questions.