Number of Positions: 1

Status: OPEN

Career Planning Center-Albany Campus

Supervisor: Carleen Pallante
[email protected]

Graduate Assistant for Office of Career Planning job description

  • Critique student resumes and cover letters during individual appointments
  • Review student resumes and cover letters for courses requiring this activity
  • Reorganize Career Planning website by sections (delete outdated information, test old links and add new, update to reflect current information)
  • Aid in grant proposal writing and research
  • Compose articles for Career Planning blog
  • Expand Community Work Study program by researching local non-profit organizations, arranging for recruiters to visit campus, advertising the event to students via email, Facebook, flyers and Campus Cruiser and working with recruiters once they arrive to ensure that tabling runs smoothly and interested students gather all necessary information
  • Develop internship cultivation plan consisting of channels used to regularly advertise opportunities (ex. emails, Facebook postings, etc) and relevant contact people for each channel
  • Create new Career Planning resources such as OLAS PowerPoint (walk future teachers through the website and job application process), New York State jobs PowerPoint (how to use NYS website to find jobs, including sections for relevant Sage majors such as Nursing) and Diversity section on website with helpful job information for LGBTQ students
  • Observe and participate in mock interviews by asking questions and offering critiques
  • Manage Career Planning Facebook page (includes posting interesting articles and links for students to view and advertising upcoming Career Planning events )
  • Build internship sites contact list by researching local organizations and reaching out to them to gauge interest in Sage interns
  • Reach out to student organizations to assess needs (obtained list of all current club presidents, sent out targeted emails to each organization and arranged for workshops and events based on club interest levels-ex. Law, Criminal Justice and Psychology workshop on April 13)
  • Promote Career Planning office during classroom presentations (ex. iThink classes, Chris McLaughlin’s class re: mock interviews)
  • Obtain lists of SCA and RSC students by major to email relevant students about upcoming events
  • Reserve rooms, send out targeted emails and create flyers using Microsoft Publisher template to advertise for campus information sessions such as Enterprise
  • Author “Guide to Resume Writing” supplement entitled “Common Job titles” with sample bullets for common jobs such as sales associate or summer camp counselor
  • Create supervisor/ GA evaluation forms to assess collaboration, quality of GA work and supervisor support of GA endeavors
  • Create survey for satisfaction with Work Study Job Fair on August 31 and incorporate student suggestions into Community Work Study research
  • Compose “questions to ask prospective graduate schools”
  • Design and implement entire Impressing Employers 101 event series
    • Dining Etiquette: Arrange catering with Sodexho and decide on all details of event including menu, decorations, seating arrangements; Ensure that all room reservations, including appropriate paperwork, are made; Partner with Commuter Relations, HEOP and Business Department to defray costs; Meet with Director to determine budgeting allocations for event; Develop flyers and advertise using Sage Channel, Facebook, emails to entire campus, postings around Campus Center, Campus Cruiser; Monitor RSVP lists and serve as main point person for all contact regarding the event
    • Networking Now: Contact local recruiters from companies such as State Farm and Northwestern Mutual to invite 6 professionals to event; Make all room and AV equipment reservations; Arrange for speaker and brief 10 minute presentation on Networking; Oversee budgeting to allow for small punch and crudités reception during event; Responsible for all advertising and promotion of event
    • Effective Presentations: Reach out to admissions counselor to partner in hosting this event; responsible for all advertising and room reservations for event
  • Assist with tabling for other campus offices to build partnerships and collaboration (ex. tabling with Vin for Commuter Coffee, helping with Black History Month tabling)
  • Co-teach Academic Support workshop with Director and Assistant Director
  • Co-teach Law & Society Workshop with Director (LSAT, preparing now, Law School information)
  • Assist in interview process for next year’s Graduate Assistant