Number of Positions: 1

Status: OPEN

Library, Albany

Supervisor: Katherine Norman
[email protected]

Graduate assistant is to aid the disabilities student in becoming a successful student by providing support services. Basic counseling for assignments, syllabus time frames, assisting in time management and organization with disabilities students to meet the required time of assignments, assisting with testing accommodations as a reader or scribe for exams. Becoming knowledgeable about the assistive technology we have on campus and providing demonstrations and support to student who require the needed equipment, assist with scheduling and monitoring/proctoring of exams.

Primary Responsibilities

Category: Research
Percentage : 25%

Tasks and expectations:

Types of Disabilities, assistive technology research, types of disability research, ADA research, student survey data collection, testing accommodation data collection

Category: Practice in Discipline
Percentage: 75%

Tasks and expectations:

Meeting and counseling of Disabilities Students with time management, study skills, organization skills specific to their disability. Assist with test taking as a reader or scribe, proctor, scheduling and monitoring for exams. Assist with publisher requests for students in need of alternative technology, participate and development of resources for Disabilities Awareness month events and activities, web analysis, and assist in assessment of data collection for campus labs.