Number of positions: 1

Supervisor: Marisa Beeble
[email protected]

The psychology tutor will be directly responsible for providing both administrative teaching support to psychology faculty at Sage College of Albany and, most importantly, tutoring services to undergraduate students in a wide variety of psychology courses, including Statistics with Computer Applications, Psychology and Law, Social Science Analysis, Introduction to Psychology, and several other topics courses. Tutoring duties include scheduling appointment hours each week in person and/or online, as needed, for students requesting tutoring services. Following each tutoring session, the tutor will complete and submit student assessment forms to track provision of services and student progress. Administrative teaching support may involve assisting faculty with preparing and grading examinations, and grading basic assignments and quizzes. When weekly hours are not achieved through administrative duties and tutoring appointments, duties may include assisting faculty with research tasks, such as literature searching, database development, data tracking, data collection, and data analysis. Qualifications include: 1) An undergraduate degree in psychology or enrollment in a graduate psychology program (or Forensic Mental Health), 2) Experience working with undergraduate students with varying academic capabilities, and 3) A flexible schedule, and 4) a minimum of a 3.5 GPA in the student’s graduate program.