Number of Positions: 1
Status: OPEN

McKinstry, 2nd Floor, Troy

Supervisor: Diane Angrisano
[email protected]

Position: The Student Activities Graduate Assistant will be responsible for assisting with the planning and implementation of programs/events for both the resident and commuter population. Publicizing events on social media. Researching trending activities for college students.

• Assist Director of Student Activities with planning & implementation of both day and evening programming
• Re-establish a functioning Commuter Board to assist Student Life in meeting the needs of the commuter student
• Develop surveys to students that will assist the Student Life Office in accessing the effectiveness of our extra curricular activities/commuter satisfaction
• Collect data from surveys and develop a system to establish reports
• Assist Director with the establishment of a Campus Activity Board for both commuters and residents
• Assist Director with the marketing and promotion of events through both online technology and through a monthly Newsletter
• Research entertainment for future events including the latest trends and best practices in student activities for both to establish commuter and resident satisfaction
• Develop focus groups for both commuters and residents

• Fluent with Social Networking including Facebook, Twitter & Instagram
• Knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel and Publisher
• Strong communication skills
• Flexible schedule to meet event needs