An Admission VP’s Promise:

Follow this advice and I guarantee you’ll get into a great college.

As you continue your college search, Sage is pleased to offer these resources to assist you in what will be an exciting adventure. We know that if you follow the advice contained in this booklet you will have a successful college search.

I have worked in college admissions for more than twenty years, at small private and public liberals arts colleges and comprehensive universities. Here is some of the best advice I can offer:

  • Start early and stay ahead of the curve – you will have more options and less stress.
  • Be realistic when developing a college list. Assess your interests, values, skills, and aspirations, and look for colleges that fit and feel right to you.
  • Most high school students are undecided about what they want to study. Look for a college that will give you room to discover your passion and grow.
  • For most students there isn’t one perfect college. There are more than 3,000 colleges in the United States – you probably have the talent and flexibility to succeed at a number of colleges.
  • MOST colleges admit MOST students who apply, only a small number reject most.
  • College is expensive but it is a great investment – college grads earn significantly more over their lifetime and there are MANY available funding sources. DO YOUR HOME WORK AND YOU WILL BE REWARDED.
  • Don’t be overwhelmed by all that you have to do senior year. Each step you take brings you closer to your goal.
  • You control two-thirds of the process: you chose where to apply and then where to attend. Colleges only make admission decisions.
  • Remember that the goal of the admission officer is to get an understanding of what makes an individual candidate tick. An application presented in one’s natural voice and style – be it serious, wry, or humorous – helps accomplish that goal much better than an application that has been tailored to fit the perceived confines of an application form. Use the form as your forum!
  • Don’t forget the “heart factor” when choosing your college. Objective criteria such as academic programs, size, location, and cost are important, but your choice also needs to make you feel that “This is home”.
  • Finally, please remember that your college education begins with the search process, and keep it in perspective: though a serious process, you needn’t be deadly serious about finding the right college!

The faculty and staff at Sage wish you the best of luck. Please come and visit and let us know if we can be of further assistance!


-Beth Robertson
Associate Vice President for Admission