Why Become a Member of CSTEP?

CSTEP Summer Program

Prepare yourself for college — for free! Incoming students who qualify for CSTEP are eligible to participate in optional pre-college online math and/or writing course(s). These classes are beneficial to all majors, and run from July 3 to August 20. Students will earn one credit for each course, which will count as elective credit(s) toward the 120 required for graduation. These are FREE college courses only available to CSTEP incoming freshmen – all books, supplies and fees will be paid by CSTEP. Interested students can enroll online at sage.edu/cstep/application.

Financial Support for Undergraduate Research

CSTEP students are eligible to apply for a $3,000 summer stipend during the summer to support their work with a faculty member on undergraduate research project. These projects can begin as early as July. CSTEP students who are doing summer research at Sage will also be eligible to receive room and board, as well as some research supplies funding.

Financial Support for Standardized Exams or Licensing Exams

CSTEP students who are preparing for licensing exams (NCLEX) or who would like to take a course to prepare for MCAT, DAT, OAT, or GRE are eligible to apply for a subsidy to offset the cost of those prep courses. To be eligible, students typically must have a minimum GPA of 3.000 and be far enough along with the required coursework to justify their taking a prep course for these exams.  Applications for this funding opportunity will be posted in September.

Travel Funding to Present Undergraduate Research

CSTEP students who participate in undergraduate research will be eligible to apply for funding to attend the National Council on Undergraduate Research Conference as well as the CSTEP Annual Statewide Conference.

CSTEP Workshops

Topics such as financial planning, study skills, interview skills, summer research opportunities, preparation to apply to medical/dental school, career planning etc. will be offered throughout the year. CSTEP students are expected to participate in at least two workshops per year. The workshops are open to all CSTEP students.

CSTEP Field Trips

Trips will be offered each year to natural science museums, research centers, graduate schools, doctoral level health professional schools, etc. The purpose is to expose students to scientists and health care professionals and their daily work environments. The field trips will be available to all CSTEP students on a first come, first served basis.