HEOP Students Doing Summer Service

Academic Documentation

The following academic and economic information should be submitted at least by mid-February but no later than March 1.

  • A completed RSC application packet, which includes official transcripts, SAT or ACT scores, counselor and teacher recommendations and personal essay. You can apply online, use the Common Application or download the application for first year students or transfer students.
  • For pre-eligibility determination, fill out the HEOP Eligibility Worksheet. Mail the worksheet to the address listed on the form or fax the worksheet to the fax telephone number listed on the form.

Economic Documentation

Where applicable, complete and mail signed photocopies of the following documents directly to the HEOP office. Remember, all yearly totals are based on your household’s previous year’s income.

  • Signed parents’ W2s; Federal 1040, 1040A, or 4506 income tax forms; and State income tax forms
  • Student’s W2s and Federal and State income tax forms (signed)
  • Social Services verification for all recipients in the household (total yearly income information only)
  • Social Security Benefits Statements for all recipients (total yearly income information only)
  • Notarized Child Support Statements for all recipients (total yearly income information only)
  • Unemployment and/or Pension Summary for all recipients
  • Foster care documentation, including total living expenses
  • Other income-related documentation, if requested

Interview Process

Once the student is cleared for academic and economic eligibility, the student will be invited in for an interview and possible testing.