Academic Eligibility

In order to be eligible for the HEOP program you must:

  • Be a New York State resident for at least 12 months prior to enrollment.
  • Be a graduate of a high school approved and accredited by the NYSED or have a New York State equivalency diploma.
  • Have a high school GPA and/or Testing below the regular admission guidelines
  • Demonstrate proven potential and an eagerness to succeed in a post- secondary program.
  • Meet both the educational and economic guidelines established by the NYSED.

The HEOP Director and the Admission Committee will consider applicants who demonstrate strong academic potential and who fall below the general admission requirements. Please contact the Office of Admission for specific requirements.

Students should have already completed the courses in math, science, history, English and a foreign language. For specific requirements contact an Admission Counselor.

Before HEOP can approve admission, the following information must be forwarded directly to the HEOP Office:

  • HEOP Transfer Application: When the HEOP Office is aware of your decision to transfer, this form will be sent to your present college’s program office.
  • Credit Evaluation: This form details the number of semesters needed for graduation, institutions attended, and credits awarded from all previous academic institutions.

Financial Eligibility

Financial eligibility for HEOP at The Sage Colleges is determined by the HEOP Director and the Director of Financial Aid, utilizing guidelines set by the New York State Education Department.

To be considered, the applicant must meet the economic criteria established by the New York State Education Department. All income must be verified by appropriate documentation.

Reference to the economic guidelines need not be made if the applicant falls into one of the following categories, and documentation is available:

  1. The student or his/her family is a recipient of payment through a New York State County Department of Social Services.
  2. The student is living with foster parents who do not provide support for college, and no financial assistance is provided by the natural parents.
  3. The student is a ward of the state or county.

2018-2019 HEOP Income Guidelines

(Please note that these guidelines may be updated by the NY State Education Dept. with an increase for each of the income levels!)

For students first entering college between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019:

Number in Household Total Annual Income
1 $22,459
2 $30,451
3 $38,443
4 $46,435
5 $54,427
6 $62,419
7 $70,411
8 $78,403
Add $7,992 for each
family member
in excess of 8

Financial requirements are automatically met if:

  • The student is living with foster parents who are not required to provide support for college, and money isn’t provided by their natural parents.
  • The student is a ward of the state or court.
                                                                                                                             ** Appropriate documentation must be submitted

For pre-eligibility determination, fill out the HEOP EZ Pre-Eligibility Worksheet. Please mail the worksheet to the address listed on the form, or fax the worksheet to the fax telephone number listed on the form.