The college search process is an opportunity for you to learn more about colleges, potential careers and yourself. To find your “best fit” college, take the time to learn more about what is important to you. Look at your interests, activities, values and personality. Take an online personality assessment that matches your personality type with professionals in various fields.

  • Investigate career possibilities
  • Take personality tests
  • Talk with your school counselor
  • Consult with parents/guardians and friends

The Best Fit College

Generate a target list of school possibilities including both “reach” and “safety” schools.

Use the web and your counseling center to narrow down your search

Do Your Homework

  • Request copies of various school publications (viewbooks, program sheets)
  • Visit the school’s website
  • Contact the school for more specific information regarding visit and event dates
  • Meet with the admission representative at your high school or local college fair

Keep Good Notes and Get Organized