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  • What does it mean to be exceptional?

    Our students show us every day — from getting a job right after graduation to overcoming huge obstacles to get their degree. We can show you statistics and averages, but student voices are what count — and they have plenty to say.

    Raysheea Turner ’11

    “For me, it was a chance to find my independence, and to learn about different people,” she says. “I got my first driver’s license and learned to drive.”

    Meghan Dillon ’18

    “My professors weren’t just knowledgeable, they were passionate about what they were teaching us. They made class really interesting by bringing in outside speakers and discussing in-depth case studies with us.”

    Marcus Patterson ‘17

    “I was always friendly, but I didn’t really know friendly until I came to Albany. I was among people I trusted. I was in good company. It made me a better person.”

    Charles Batcher ’20

    “I learned more as an adult student than I ever did when I was young,” he says. “Back then, I hated school. But then I had a family. I had a real life. And I realized the only thing that’s going to change things for you is you. And what I know now is that if you put in the effort, you get it back.”