Number of Positions: 1

Status: OPEN

Ann King
[email protected]

Sage Athletic Communications Graduate Assistant Job Description

Helpful skills: Computer knowledge, photoshop, pagemaker, in design, Stat Crew and good typing skills all plusses as well as strong writing skills. Additionally, video production and editing is needed.
Assist with coverage of Sage’s 17 varsity athletic teams:

Provide staffing for Sage home athletic events, especially when overlap occurs with multiple home events. This includes staffing of events that will require statistic keeping, announcing, social media platforms, and post-game coverage of contests, as well as web site content and management. With Sage hosting athletics events on both the Troy and Albany campuses as well as multiple off-campus venues, the work load and time commitment has become substantial. With the growth of Sage’s athletic teams to support now 17 teams in the coming academic year, up from just five years ago when Sage sponsored only nine varsity team in the fall of 2009, the work load and demand on the sports information director has increased two fold. With an eye on keeping the experience of the student-athlete a priority, this person assists with equal and top quality coverage of all of Sage’s athletic programs, while helping to serve as key person in the coverage of the successes of our student-athletes, coaches and the college as a whole. Sage’s moved to the Empire 8 and the United Volleyball Conference created significant demands on the department with regards to videos, interviews and need for game-day graphics. The additional of two more high impact sports to the department has created a tremendous volume of work and the demands are just not manageable for myself as one person. The need for assistance to even do the bare minimums is not even covered by one full-time person even with a possible GA person.

Assisting with typing and inputting of rosters and information as well as the production of Sage’s home game programs. Assisting with inputting data and photos for the as the web site’s content continually grows and expands into new areas, such as live stats for home basketball games in the coming academic year, growth of the community following SageGators on both Twitter and Facebook, Instagram, snapchat as well as additional projects such as flyers and napkin cards for home athletic events. Additionally the amount of work involved with doing in-game live stats has but an additional workload on the area as well as live video for many of Sage’s home events as well.
Inputting of home athletic contests and special events.

Assisting with photo archiving for athletic teams, including labeling images, resizing photos for athletic web site and producing photo archive book with annual updates.

Assist with uploading rosters, schedules and statistics for NCAA and Empire 8 Conference. The NCAA’s change in statistical policies has lead to increased demand on uploading of single-game xml files for Sage’s soccer (M & W), volleyball (M & W), basketball (M & W), lacrosse (W& M), field hockey, and softball game files for every contest, while still needing to input data on various sites as the AVCA for both Sage volleyball teams and the ITA for both of Sage’s tennis teams, all tasks that are very time consuming.