Sage Centers of Inquiry

Sage students have the added advantage of on-campus centers devoted to the in-depth exploration of significant topics.

The Academy for Character Education
Created to help school districts integrate the concepts of character education into their formal and informal curriculum, and more broadly, help foster the character traits of responsibility, civility, respect, honesty, fairness, trustworthiness and citizenship in students throughout the educational spectrum as well as in families and communities.

The Council for Citizenship Education
The Councils purpose is to equip citizens with the knowledge and skills for thoughtful and effective participation in the public life of their local community, state, nation, and international system in the 21st century.

Sage-SIFT Alliance (Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade)
Sage has a long-standing faculty exchange program with the Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade, and has recently expanded the program to include a student exchange component.

The Helen M. Upton Center for Women's Studies
The intellectual and community focal point for women's studies and women's issues. The Center oversees the women's studies minor and co-sponsors the Women Changing the World Speaker Series.

The Kathleen A. Donnelly Center for Undergraduate Research (DCUR)
The Kathleen A. Donnelly Center for Undergraduate Research (DCUR) opened in September 2008 as one of the Dean's first Centers for Excellence. Named for Dr. Kathleen Donnelly, Professor Emerita Chemistry, the DCUR aims to support the pursuits of undergraduate research at Russell Sage College. Students are encouraged to use the Center's resources to assist in research on papers and presentations. Center staff are available to assist students with presentation skills, posters, technical support, and publication and conference possibilities. Furthermore, the Center oversees the College's participation in the National Council on Undergraduate Research.

The Sage Climate Crisis Educational Center
The Climate Crisis Center at Sage will give students the opportunity to work closely on the Climate Project in the New York/New England area, and will link them to Climate Project Volunteers across the world.

The Dawn Lafferty Hochsprung Center for the
Promotion of Mental Health and School Safety

The Hochsprung Center explores, develops and shares solutions that promote the mental health of each child and safe learning environments for all children.