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We believe that character education provides the basis for developing a stronger, caring community. Character education initiatives can help create a community featuring responsible, respectful behavior that welcomes the quest for justice and excellence. We firmly believe in the mandate that character education needs to be infused into the curriculum of all schools and in our communities. Comprehensive community-wide character education programs result in positive changes for families, schools and communities. 

Character Matters.

2016 Champions of Character Banquet

Thursday April 14, 2016 at the Franklin Plaza in Troy, NY

The Academy for Character Education honors outstanding positive leadership in our schools and communities at our annual Champions of Character Awards Banquet. This event attended by approximately 250-300 individuals honors students, educators, schools, and business and civic leaders and organization throughout the Capital Region and Northeastern United States who have gone above and beyond in the character education initiative by providing leadership and dedication to the vision and mission of fostering positive character development in our school and communities. 

Click here for detailed information about the 2016 Champions of Character Banquet. 

2015 Character Education Newsletter

View the Fall 2015 Stand Up for Character Journal! 

 Join The Academy in bringing awareness to schools and the community!

Contact Dr. Philip Fusco [email protected] with your school's anti-bullying program and we invite civic leaders to forward us your proclamation noting your recognition of this month.

 2015-2016 Key Dates

Thursday, April 14, 2016: 13th Annual Champion of Character Banquet
July, 2016: 15th Annual Character Education Youth Summer Program