Spring Symposium 2011

Spring Symposium 2011
A Celebration of Ideas

FRIDAY, APRIL 29, 2011

Call for Papers/Proposals:

Submit the following items:
• Five copies of abstract no longer than 200 words (without the student’s name on them)
• One letter of support from faculty mentor/sponsor (sample letter)
• One cover letter from the student

Submit all items as a packet NO LATER THAN April 8 at 4pm
to: Dr. David A. Salomon, Director, Kathleen A. Donnelly Center for Undergraduate Research

All modalities welcome: Papers (10-15 minutes), Posters, Performance (15 min), Dance (15 min), Music (15 min), Class Projects (15 min)

Sponsored by the Kathleen A. Donnelly Center for Undergraduate Research, the Russell Sage College Honors Program, and the Office of the Provost